Intercooler Pumps

Rule 1100, 1500, 3700 Pump



Internal Rule Pumps (1100, 2000, 3700) *See below for more info on sizes: Our most popular intercooler pump. These  simple bilge pumps work when installed inside tank already plumbed. 

Pros: Affordable method to push the ice water or coolant from rear of the vehicle to front, cooling the intake charge down. 

Cons: The rule pumps are a bilge (boat) pump, not designed for automotives.  These pumps are not  recommended for a daily driver setup, however,  some people have gotten away with using them for this purpose. 

With good installation, rule pumps can last for 5 years but some have failed after three months.   A common reason for quick failure is poor installation (i.e. kinks in the line)  that can build excess pressure in the system resulting in pump failure.

 Rule pumps are a inexpensive way to pump the water too and from the intercooler, but that is not what they were built for. These pumps will not be warrantied for automotive use. If looking for a good reliable pump, the DC150 or EMP will carry a manufacturer warranty. 

EMP External Pump


 Stewart EMP reprogrammed pump WP32 4600:   If you want the best of the best with a good warranty then purchase our WP32 EMP reprogrammed pump!  (Programmed to 4600 rpms/ 25 amp.)

Pros: The most efficient pump on the market.

 Cons: Expensive and mounting can be difficult.  However, we can make mounting easier with a specialized bracket, powdercoated black with stainless hardware for easy install!  

Davies Craig EWP 150


Davies Craig EWP 150: This external pump is great as a less costly alternative to the EMP pump, but more powerful than the rule pumps.  

*Rule 1100 Pump


 Rule 1100 Pump:  An inexpensive internal pump that is useful for getting ice water to an external pump up front. The speed of flow won't be fast, but enough for ice water to cool.  The Rule 1100 fits all tank sizes.  The discharge on the Rule 1100 is 1 1/8". The ideal line size you would want to use is 3/4" (id).     

*Rule 2000 Pump


 Rule 2000 Pump: Our most popular rule pump used by ~ 80% of our customers. They are inexpensive and do the job.  A faster pump than the Rule 1100.   Rule 2000 pumps fits in 7, 8, and 10 gallon tank.   Since the Rule 2000 is taller than the trunk of the car it will sit higher up than the carpet. The discharge on the Rule 2000 is 1 1/8". The ideal line size you would want to use is 3/4" (id).    

*Rule 3700 Pump


 Rule 3700 Pump: This pump has a very good flow with the appropriate line size.  The Rule 3700 Pump only fits 8 and 10 gallon tanks due tot he size of the pump.  The discharge on the Rule 3700 is 1.5". The ideal line size you would want to use is 1" to 1.5". A 3/4” will work, but flow will be limited to only a little greater than Rule 2000.  

Cap Styles

Clear Caps (6”-8” opening)


Our most popular seller!  This cap allows you to see the flow as the pump is working.  This cap is available in large (6”) and x-large (8") sizes (Size indicates measurement of the opening that allows you to add ice/coolant-Not the overall size). 

We do have a (4”) cap that will work with the smaller sizes needed. These caps now have custom seals to prevent leakage.

Black Caps (6”-8” opening)


This standard black cap is available in both large (6") and x-large (8") sizes.

Red Caps (8” opening)


These red caps have a great seal that provides minimum leakage.  The twist off feature makes it easy to fill the tank with ice/ water.